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Vault Raider is a classic casual tile-based, one-finger, time-killing dungeon-crawler!

As a Dwarf, there comes a time when you have to embark on an adventure and leave your town in search of gold, glory ... and food. It is an old tradition established centuries ago: he who brings the most gold shall be known as the Ultimate Vault Raider.
Venture into dark caves and dungeons to grab all the riches, but don't forget to keep your belly full. Open treasure chests to loot gold, mysterious scrolls, potions and tools to help you reach deeper levels, filled with vicious monsters and better loot.

This free dungeon-crawling fantasy game is best suited for fans of: dungeon crawlers, casual RPGs, RPG puzzles, fantasy rougelike/roguelite games and free adventure games.

Features Include:

• No in-app purchases: we believe in player-friendly "no paywalls, never pay to win" philosophy
• Endless, randomly generated world with increasingly challenging dungeons brings new experience every time
• Outstanding high-resolution graphics and special effects
• Upload your scores to the global leaderboard and compare with your friends and other players from all over the world
• Optimized for Android tablets and cell phones
• New features are being added regularly

Play as a courageous dwarf, defeat vicious creatures and loot endless treasures! Don’t let any dungeon-crawling creeper keep you away from the riches and food they are guarding! Fight injustice and claim your prize.

Each level is dynamically generated board of 5x7 tiles. You start each level with a limited amount of food and your primary goal is to reach the next dungeon level before you run out of food. On your way, grab the gold and items which will help you solve deeper dungeon levels. 

Tiles can contain:
- Food: increases your current food supply
- Sword: increases your attack
- Enemies: they come in all shapes and sizes
- Wall: blocks your path
- Pick-axe (consumable): removes one wall tile
- Scroll of Teleportation (consumable): teleports an item to your location
- Potion of Rage (consumable): greatly increases your attack temporarily
- Portal: enter one, spawn on another
- Bomb: destroys everything around it except the portals
- and much more ...

Fire up your dwarven forge, grab the torchlight and raid dungeons in this Unreal Engine powered mobile game. If you like games with basic or deep loot systems, casual or complex dungeon crawlers/RPGs, classics like tapventures, warstorm, blustone, bloodwarrior, you will love this endless dungeon rpg , and we hope it will be known as the best roguelike 2017 game.

To keep track of your best scores while playing offline, permission to write to external storage is required.
To access leaderboards and compare your score with the rest of the world, google account access permission is required


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